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             We highly encourage everyone visiting our website to contact us through this form or via our support chat. The reason we encourage people to do so if because if you have any questions, but don't ask usthere is no way we'll know. We sadly aren't able to read our customers minds and as much as we would like to create a healthy environment that is perfect for our customers its difficult for us to make that areality. Therefore please help us help you by letting us know if there are any issues. We dedicated this whole page for contacting purposes so that you may utilize this page for your gain. We'll respond to anymessages within  a couple of hours and answer with complete honesty and in your best interest. Thank you once again for choosing csgo-accounts and its a pleasure working with you. Thank you!


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Feel free to contact us at anytime! If our Live support chat isn't online please send us an email and we'll respond within the next 24 hours.

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