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CSGO guide

Hello! For all of those recently visiting our website I want to welcome you to our website! Also for those who have just begun the great game Counter Strike please don't feel burdened to ask us more about the game. We as a start up company love this online game and want to share the experience with all of you by providing the best csgo accounts out there for you. The online game consists of so many strategies that can't be explained simply by telling you but must be played for a great experience. Honestly this game has effected my life in so many ways and have helped me grow closer to so many people online by working with strangers to overcome a great struggle. Whether you are a terrorist or counter terrorist you have a team that you bond with and its important to work together. Though there may be times others might not be as passionate about the game as some of us are I hope you take the game seriously and to the next level. We hope to continue to grow our service by providing the best kind of accounts. If you have any sort of question for these accounts please let us know and we'll do our best to sort things out for you.

How to Win:

Through my years of playing this online game I believe communication is the biggest thing a team needs in order to win. Without good communication throughout the game then its honestly hopeless and you can expect to lose in no time. Make sure you organize your teams strategies and say where you will be going and what you are planning on doing. Though not everyone may have a mic as an individual you must take control and step up. Let others know you want to win and aren't planning on sitting around and doing nothing. Secure sites quickly and you'll do great! If players don't always communicate well then don't be a discouraging player but let them know you care about them as a teammate and want the best for both of you. Don't let other players put you down, but ask them what they want and simply follow small things they want and im sure they'll be quite reasonable.


As a terrorist its rather simple. Most terrorists are extremely bad and want to kill everyone. There are a ton of maps in this game, but the main goal is for the terrorists to plant a bomb that will kill everyone! So simply work as a team and invade a certain site and plant that bomb! by doing so you'll be able to secure one round at a time and eventually win the game as a terrorist. There will be counter terrorists to stop you but don't let those small guys beat you down! Buy grenades and gear to equip you with the best kind of weapon. These guns will provide the best sort of experience and make sure you win the game in no time!

Counter Terrorist:

The explanation is simply in the name. Your job as a counter terrorist is to counter the terrorists and stop them from ending the universe! they want to destroy everything in there way so you must step in and secure sites and defuse the bomb if they get in the way. As a good person you have no choice but to stop the bad boys and keep them in check. Though its sad we have to kill people its honestly for the greater good and should be done quickly and swiftly for the innocent lives.

Now step up and purchase a csgo account for an amazing experience! Lets begin our journey and do our best to help our party win the game! Meet new people and honestly have fun!

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